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Autumn Flowers White Tea Blend

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そのハーブたちを支えてくれているのがTE HANDELから取り寄せた高級茶、パイムータン(白茶)です。しみじみとした美しいお茶の香りを感じていただけることと思います。


We blended this tea with flowers that we have collected daily since the end of summer to create a tea with a light, warm image. The tea flowers that would normally be cut off for the tea leaves, we dare to have many flowers and pick them every day, the ""Autumn Tea Flower Picking"".

I can never match the skill of the two gardeners. Every day, they carefully and patiently pick an astonishing amount of flowers. I am always grateful to them for making the tea, and feel blessed to be able to blend it so generously.

In this gorgeous flower tea, I add ginger flowers and leaves, and a little turmeric, to create a blend that you can enjoy as a warming sensation when you drink it.

The herbs are supported by Pai Mu Tang (white tea), a high quality tea imported from TE HANDEL. You will be able to feel the beautiful aroma of the tea as it sinks in.

Ingredients: White tea (TEHANDEL/Oiso), tea flowers, sartoriifolia, wormwood, ginger flowers, leaves, hagi (bush clover), rengeiang, xiong, spring turmeric, lemon basil
Contents: 20g

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