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Nigel Peake

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Nigel Peake
アーティストであり、自身を「ドローワー」と呼んでいるナイジェル・ピークの作品を一概には言えません。北アイルランドのバリートラスタン(ダウン州)で育ち、現在はパリとバリートラスタンに住んでいるナイジェルは、もともとエディンバラで6年間建築を学び、2013年には建築事務所で教えるためにスイスに滞在していました。過去10年間で彼は Princeton Architectural Press, Yvon Lambert または自身で、50冊以上の本を出版してきました。彼の作品は、彼が訪れた場所に基づいています。クライアントにはHermès, Flos, Rapha, and Luca Guadagninoなどがある。今までに東京、ニューヨーク、パリ等で展覧会が開催されています。

サイズ:19.5 x 25.5 cm
発行:Nieves / mitosaya

This is a two-volume collection of drawings of mitosaya by Nigel Peake, an artist from Northern Ireland who finds and draws his lines from nature and cityscapes.

He visited mitosaya in the late autumn of 2018 and 2019. He walked around here and there with his usual navy jacket and a thick sketchbook.

I have since received over 30 drawings from him, which I will be using for mitosaya packaging for the year 2020. To match the finished eau-de-vie, we read the black-and-white lines, think about the colors and placement here, make them into labels and wrapping paper, and send them to him. After a few exchanges, the resulting package sometimes pointed me in the direction of mitosaya.

In this book, co-published by mitosaya and Swiss publisher Nieves, Nigel did all the layout and composition. The book is thin, with only 16 pages each, but the choice of motifs, the lines drawn, and the color combinations are all very typical of Nigel, and it is a fresh surprise to see the world as he sees it.

The book will be wrapped with a colored obi, inspired by a Japanese book.

Here's what Nigel has to say about it

mitosaya is a distillery located in Chiba prefecture, a few hours from Tokyo. It used to be used as a medicinal herb garden. I have visited twice, both times in late autumn, and every time I visit mitosaya it is like stepping into a small new world that has been shaped by Hiroshi and his family. The pictures in these two slim books were created as labels for this year's mitosaya.

Nigel Peake
It's hard to generalize about the work of artist and self-described ""drawer"" Nigel Peake. Raised in Ballytrastan, County Down, Northern Ireland, and currently living in Paris and Ballytrastan, Nigel originally studied architecture in Edinburgh for six years and spent time in Switzerland teaching at an architectural firm in 2013. In the last decade he has published over 50 books, either with Princeton Architectural Press, Yvon Lambert or himself. His work is based on the places he has visited. His clients include Hermès, Flos, Rapha, and Luca Guadagnino. He has had exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Paris and other cities.

16 pages each
Size: 19.5 x 25.5 cm
Publisher: Nieves / mitosaya

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