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PLUM AND VANILLA JAM / プラムとバニラのジャム






バニラビーンズも、カラタネオガタマ砂糖も、加えたお酒「ROSE PETAL」も、形を変えた花の姿。甘やかな花のブーケをイメージしてプラムに合わせたのがこのジャムです。


原材料:プラム(山梨産)、砂糖、カラタネオガタマ、バニラビーンズ(マダガスカル産/co-en)、レモン果汁、「ROSE PETAL」(mitosaya)


29 July (Fri.) 21:00 - on sale

I went to hot, hot Yamanashi to harvest plums.

When we arrived at the field, there were many plums on the trees. The plums were so ripe that if you peeled them and put them in your mouth, the juice would drip out. Normally, plums are harvested when they are still green and red before they are ready to be sold in stores, so they are not shipped when they are fully ripe.

All the gathered members of the group gathered together in a lively manner, carefully plucking them by hand, using catchers to pick the high ones, and carefully and carefully carrying them so that they would not fall to the ground and be crushed.

Needless to say, we were in a great hurry from here, and the next day, we marinated the sugar we had soaked the karataneogatama we had picked in the spring and the vanilla beans that had just arrived from Madagascar to give them an aromatic flavor. When cooked, both the fruit and the skin naturally break down and the beautiful colors blend together.

The vanilla beans, the sugar from the karataneogatama, and the liquor "rose petal" are all flowers in a different form. This jam is made with plums to resemble a bouquet of luscious flowers.

Please try a spoonful first.

Ingredients: Plum (from Yamanashi), sugar, carataneogatama, vanilla bean (from Madagascar/coen), lemon juice, "ROSE PETAL" (mitosaya)
Contents: 140ml

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