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White Chocolate and Eggnoc Spread

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WHITE ADVOCAAT / ホワイトチョコレートとエッグノックのスプレッド

週末の販売所、「HONOR STAND」で人気の商品に、小笠原さんの卵があります。その小笠原さんの卵を使って、クリストフ・ケラー氏直伝のAdvocaatを再現すべく、試作をしてみました。そのAdvocaatを希釈する前にすこしだけわけてもらい、わたしはチョコレートと合わせてなにか形にならないかやってみたくなったのです。




One of the most popular products at the weekend sales place, HONOR STAND, is Mr. Ogasawara's eggs. I made a trial product using Ogasawara-san's eggs to recreate the Advocaat directly from Christoph Keller. I was given a little bit of the Advocaat before diluting it, and I wanted to see if I could combine it with chocolate to create something.

It looked so good that I thought it would be good for sweets, so I bottled it with white chocolate in a plain white jar. The finished product is a bit hard, but when it is warmed up a bit, the aroma of prune brandy spreads, and a spoonful of it is enough to make you feel tipsy.

If you just scoop out the cold, hard one, it is like a ganache with the aroma of alcohol.

Ingredients: White chocolate (from Belgium), "ADVOCAAT" (liqueur)

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