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Grape, Green tea, and Sudachi Jam

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仕上げの香りに選んだのは「HEBESU HYUGA」、ヘベスの香りでさらに柑橘のしっかりとした輪郭をジャムに与え、複雑な味わいの層ができました。焼き菓子を盛り付けたお皿にひとさじ、絵を描くように添えてみてください。


原材料:ぶどう(ヴェルデレー種)、砂糖、緑茶(安間製茶/静岡)、すだち(大多喜)、ペクチン(りんご由来)、HEBESU HYUGA

As I was thinking about what to add to the mild flavor of the grapes, I came up with the green flavor of green tea and sudachi. I came up with the combination of green tea and sudachi (citrus fruit) when I had a chance to pick up a bunch of sudachi (citrus fruit) from my neighbor's garden. Of course, I wanted to use sudachi, which is grown without pesticides and with a lot of love by the owner.

When I stewed the grapes, I added a luxurious amount of first green tea to the stew to give it a low temperature aroma, and to finish the stew, I delicately grated the sudachi peel and juice in a grinder.

For the finishing touch, I chose HEBESU HYUGA. The aroma of HEBESU gives the jam a strong citrus profile, creating a complex layer of flavor. Try adding a spoonful to a plate of baked goods as if you were painting a picture.

Of course, it can also be used with yogurt and bread. And it would also be a good combination with Japanese sweets.

Ingredients: Grapes (Verdelay variety), sugar, green tea (Anma Seicha/Shizuoka), sudachi (Otaki), pectin (derived from apples), HEBESU HYUGA
Contents: 140g

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