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[Monachus] Corretto

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[Monachus] Corretto
[Monachus] Corretto
[Monachus] Corretto



コーヒー風味のスピリッツをつくりたいと思ったのは、ザグレブのCogito Coffee Roastersのオーナーの一人、マティア・フルカッチ氏との最初の出会いがきっかけ。彼は、雑誌で読んだmitosayaの記事を通じて、Monachusにコンタクトをしてくれれたそう。

Cogito Roasteryでの最初のミーティングでは、焙煎したばかりのコーヒー豆の香りに酔いしれ、それを蒸留酒で再現してみたいと思いました。

容量:100ml / 500ml


Corretto is a distillate of coffee and anise.

It was inspired by the Italian custom of drinking espresso with Sambuca, a sweet anise-flavored liqueur.

The idea to create a coffee-flavored spirit came from my first meeting with Mattia Hrcac, one of the owners of Cogito Coffee Roasters in Zagreb. During our first meeting at Cogito Roastery, I was intoxicated by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and wanted to try to recreate it in a spirit.

For the first batch, we used an Ethiopian variety that Mattia recommended as having a sweet taste. The coffee was collected and fair trade purchased from farmers in the Buku Saisa region, which is located at an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level. The high altitude plays an important role in the rich flavor.

The fragrant distillate made from that coffee surprised me with its sweet coffee flavor that is true to the original. Combined with the aroma of anise, it smells like freshly opened chocolate. On the palate, the sweetness and freshness of the anise dominates, gradually giving way to the characteristic sweetness of Ethiopian coffee, which lingers as an aftertaste.

Recommended as a coffee substitute or with espresso, at room temperature, preferably after dinner.

Item: Spirits
Ingredients: Coffee (from Ethiopia), Anise (from Turkey), Wheat Spirits, Water.
Alcohol content: 42%.
Volume: 100ml / 500ml

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