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[Monachus] Dry Gin

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[Monachus] Dry Gin
[Monachus] Dry Gin
[Monachus] Dry Gin

[MONACHUS] Dry Ginのアイデアは、彼らの蒸留所のあるクロアチアの夏のカメンジャク岬の海岸で漂う匂いから生まれました。イストラ半島の最南端にあるカメンジャク岬は、蒸溜所のすぐ近くにある保護された景観で、彼らにとっては何年もの間、逃避したり、休息したり、自然の中で過ごしたり、インスピレーションを得たりする場所でした。

また、野生のチチュウカイモンクアザラシ(Monachus Monachus)を見た場所でもあり、MONACHUS の名前のアイデアもここから来ています。







容量:100ml / 500ml


The idea for [MONACHUS] Dry Gin came from the smells wafting off the coast of Cape Kamenjak in the summer in Croatia, where their distillery is located. Cape Kamenjak, at the southernmost tip of the Istria peninsula, is a protected landscape just a stone's throw from the distillery and has been a place for them to escape, rest, spend time in nature, and find inspiration for years.

It was also the place where we saw the Chihuahua monk seal (Monachus monachus) in the wild, hence the idea for the name MONACHUS.

I wanted to mix juniper, fig, and immortelle to create a scent that would make me feel like I was taking a walk on this beach. These plants grow wild on the roadsides and among the rocks, and provide a humble but unmistakable Istrian scent.

Juniper berries were imported from the Lika region of Croatia. Mandarin peels are grown in the Neretva Valley in southern Croatia by a passionate couple who run the ""Mandarinet"" brand. The mandarins they grow do not use any chemicals in the process of growing the fruit. Instead, they use fruit enzymes to protect and nurture the fruit. The immortelle and fig leaves are hand-picked in Istria.

All ingredients were macerated fresh, not dried, to preserve aromas close to the original.

With each sip, you can taste the freshness and floral aroma of citrus, the robust taste of juniper berries, and the bitter aftertaste of figs.

This is the birth of a gin that will make you feel like you are visiting Istria, where you can fully feel the aroma and flavor of each ingredient.

Item: Spirits
Ingredients: Juniper berries, mandarin peel, fig leaves, immortelle (Croatian), coriander seeds (Italian), wheat spirits, water.
Alcohol content: 44%.
Volume: 100ml / 500ml

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