Ogasawara Farm / 小笠原ファーム






 Masanori Ogasawara, who has been raising poultry in Otaki Town for 35 years, lives with his chickens in a house he built himself (he has also written a book on house building).

In the spacious chicken coop, the chickens look very natural and carefree. They run around here and there, fighting with each other, or just cuddling. This is the so-called "heirloom" style.

When I asked him about it, he told me that he goes to a hatchery in Togane City every time, feeds the newborn chicks for the first time, and brings them back. The reason why he goes to the trouble of picking up the chicks instead of delivering them is because "their subsequent growth is different. He dips the tip of his beak in water, makes the chick look up and swallow. In this way, by teaching them about water and feeding them, they take the place of their parents and nurture their little lives.

The result is the "Ogasawara Farm" fertilized eggs. The eggs, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, tell the story of natural egg laying. They are so delicious that you should try eating them raw without cooking them. The best time to eat them is a week after they are laid, and waiting until the proteins have matured will enhance their flavor even more.


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