Introducing Aureliusz Kowalczyk


2019年のクサナギシンペイ、2020年のNigel Peake、2021年の西本良太、2022年のJason Logan、2023年のSam Gendel につづいて、2024年にコラボレーションをするのは、建築家のAureliusz Kowalczykです





2024年にmitosayaのために描かれる彼のドローイングと、それに伴って TAKAIYAMAと考察する新しい印刷やデザインのアイデアにもご期待ください。



Each year, mitosaya works with one artist to design the label and packaging.

Following Shinpei Kusanagi in 2019, Nigel Peake in 2020, Ryota Nishimoto in 2021, Jason Logan in 2022, and Sam Gendel in 2023, we will be collaborating with architect Aureliusz Kowalczyk in 2024.

Aureliusz Kowalczyk is an architect based in Tokyo.
His reflections on everyday life are usually framed by straight lines and rules of engagement known only to him, through the format of drawing.

Despite bold brush–strokes and impressions of spontaneity, each composition is carefully studied and thought through. The lines are deliberate, and arrangements intentional—although sometimes they may appear otherwise at the first glance. Condensed, note–like drawings are in fact quite often the result of long deliberations on how to capture the common and the ordinary. Through his eyes “as found” observations are transformed into something new.



He believes that life is a journey and it is necessary to keep exploring the world. When not travelling he spends a lot of time walking around his favourite neighbourhoods in Tokyo, re–discovering the everyday, finding the “unseen before” becomes his never ending source of inspiration.

We had a lot of conversation as he visited the mitosaya and experienced the environment and the process. We had a lot of conversations and drank a lot of alcohol with him, who, as a Polish person, likes high-alcohol spirits.

We look forward to seeing his drawings for mitosaya in 2024, and the new printing and design ideas he and TAKAIYAMA will consider as a result.