ピールカカオ&スピリッツ・ギフト / Seasonal Peel Cacao & Spirits Gift

「MIKAN PEEL”CACAO” 」と、お好みの蒸留酒をセットにして贈りものにしませんか。

MIKAN PEEL”CACAO”とミニボトルを同時ご購入いただいたお客様には、ギフトボックスに入れたラッピングサービスを2月14日まで無料にて承ります。




Why not give the gift of MIKAN PEEL "CACAO" and your favorite spirits as a set?

Customers who purchase MIKAN PEEL "CACAO" and a mini bottle at the same time will receive a free gift wrapping service in a gift box until February 14.

Please use this service as a gift for your friends, family, or loved ones.

Please write "gift wrapping request" in the comment box when requesting this service.

Please note that the service may end even during the period due to limited quantities.