Scenes of New Habitations / 住むの風景





住むの風景:「土の香り」を聞く vol.1 江口宏志さん(mitosaya)


The website "Scenes of New Habitations" features an interview with Hiroshi Eguchi of mitosaya.
Scenes of New Habitations" is a project led by editor/writer Satoko Shibahara, which aims to communicate the current state of living through different forms of expression such as writing, music, and scent.

We were supposed to talk about the theme of "land and memory," but the conversation went into a wide range of topics such as the land itself, how to procure raw materials, and the key points of our product making.

But because of that, I think we were able to talk about things that we usually don't get to talk about, such as the relationship between the land and us, and the point at which the product is completed.

Scenery of Living: Listening to "Aroma of Soil" vol.1 Hiroshi Eguchi (mitosaya)