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XXL Tea Bag

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XXL Tea Bag


通常の三角ティーバッグと比べると各辺の長さは約3倍、体積は900% の大きな大きなティーバッグです。口が大きく開くので、自分だけのブレンドを作ってティーポットに入れたり、ベッドサイドに置いてポプリにしたりと様々な楽しみ方ができます。もちろん繰り返し使うことができます。


サイズ:130 x 130 x 130mm

It is a generous and large tea bag that can be used to add more herbal tea, black tea, tea and fresh herbs to enjoy the combination.

Compared to regular triangular tea bags, these large tea bags are about three times longer on each side and 900% larger in volume. The wide opening allows you to create your own blend and put it in the teapot, or put it on your bedside table and enjoy it as potpourri. Of course, they can be used repeatedly.

The idea came from a conversation with confectionery researcher Rika Fukuda (, and the design and production was done by Yo Oe (text_textile (

Size: 130 x 130 x 130mm
Material: 100% polyester (body and sewing thread), 100% cotton (name tag part)

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