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HONEY / mitosayaのはちみつ (2023)
HONEY / mitosayaのはちみつ (2023)
HONEY / mitosayaのはちみつ (2023)







We have been beekeeping since the beginning of this year, and currently have four groups of hives in a cool area on the mountain side.

From spring to early summer, when all the plants on the property are in full bloom, the bees are actively flying around, and we can hear and see their wings in various places. We, along with Mr. Asao, a local beekeeper, dressed in unfamiliar protective clothing, inspect the hives and help with the honey collection.

We collected honey twice in June and July. The second floor of the hive, which had become heavy, was retrieved, and the entire staff worked together to collect the honey from the mitosaya.

Because mitosaya is home to a wide variety of plants, all of them are called hyakka nectar, and in order to collect it efficiently, the bees share information about nearby places where good quality nectar can be gathered.

In spring honey, it contains nectar from flowers like cherry blossoms and matsubashi brushes, and has a floral flavor, light color and light taste.

Early summer honey is from flowers such as mukuroji and red oaks, with a light amber color, sweet aroma, and rich flavor. It is surprising to see such a difference in color and taste in just a few weeks.

Summer honey is made from the nectar of the karasu-zansho - Japanese pepper and Oleander flowers. It is characterised by its dark candy-coloured, spicy and deep flavour.

Nectar collected by bees from plants is transformed into honey by the action of enzymes possessed by the bees. That's all. No heat treatment is used.

Please try this honey that you can feel the true taste of mitosaya.

If you purchase the set of three pieces of "Spring honey", "Early summer honey" and "Summer honey", you will receive "honey wax" made from the hive that was removed during the honey collection.

Ingredients Honey (domestic)
Contents 140g
Caution: Do not give to infants under 1 year old. Some plant-derived particles may be present, but this does not affect the quality.

Purchase quantity is limited to two items per product, per size.

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