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[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS

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[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS
[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS
[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS
[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS
[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS






[mitosaya × OSAJI] 132 PASTIS

280ml / 3,300円

280g / 3,300円

280mL / ¥3,300

280g / ¥3,300

アートワーク:サム・ゲンデル / マルセラ・チトリノヴィッチ


14 February (Wed.) 10:00 - on sale

PASTICHE" is a reinterpretation of the traditional French herbal liqueur "pastis" from mitosaya's perspective. OSAJI, a skincare brand, has "Pastiche" , the scent of "PASTICHE" in this hair and body care item.

In this special collaboration between OSAJI and mitosaya, OSAJI representative Masakazu Shigeta visited mitosaya to witness the process of preparing freshly harvested herbs, and reproduced the scent of "PASTICHE" using natural essential oils. The result is a hair and body care product with a clean, fresh and slightly warm scent.

The fragrance is clean, refreshing, and slightly warm with fennel, clary sage, and marjoram. The rich, rich sweetness of clove is layered with the fruity freshness of bergamot and orange, accented by the lingering scent of wild rose, like a lingering feeling of happiness." As you taste the "pastis," the fragrance changes with the rich sweetness of herbs, flowers, and fruits. Try the uniquely scented hair and body care items inspired by pastis.

*Color and fragrance may vary from product to product due to the use of naturally derived ingredients.

Hair Shampoo
280ml / 3,300 yen
・A silicone-free, mildly acidic shampoo that gently washes away excess sebum and dirt with the soft cleansing power of amino acid-derived ingredients.
・The special fragrance expresses mitosaya's "PASTICHE" with essential oils.

Hair Conditioner
280g / 3,300yen
・This conditioner is designed to care for damaged hair ends and make hair moist and manageable during the season when dryness is a concern.
・Use in combination with hair shampoo to make even stiff hair supple.

Body Soap
280ml / 3,300yen
・A gentle detergent derived from amino acids that cleanses away sebum and dirt without leaving the skin feeling tight due to over-washing.
・The body soap is moisturizing even during the change of season, when the skin tends to feel dry and flaky.

Body Milk 132 PASTIS
280g / 3,300yen
・A body milk that smoothes and conditions the skin during the change of seasons when dryness and roughness are a concern.
・It has a non-greasy texture, yet feels moisturizing.

Artwork : Sam Gendel / Marcella Cytrynowicz

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