Distillery Class #10 Rhum de la Péninsule BOSO(First part)

蒸留家の江口宏志が運営する、「蒸留」をテーマにしたPodcast「Distillery Class」、新しいエピソードを公開しました。

今回は、南房総でさとうきびの栽培を行い、そのさとうきびからラムを作る蒸留所を立ち上げる、Rhum de la Péninsule BOSOの青木大成さん、青木理恵さんと話をします。


【Rhum de la Péninsule BOSO】

Deepen your knowledge of distilling and familiarize yourself with a life of enjoying spirits.
Distillery Class, a podcast on the theme of "distilling" run by distiller Hiroshi Eguchi, has released a new episode.

In this 10th episode, we talk with Taisei Aoki and Rie Aoki of Rhum de la Péninsule BOSO, which grows sugarcane in Minami-Boso and is launching a distillery to make rum from the sugarcane.
We had a relaxing chat in their self-made sauna with them after their training at mitosaya in preparation for the opening of their distillery.
The story of how they took over the sugarcane fields in Minami-Boso to start the distillery project, and the differences in production methods and flavors of different rum-producing regions around the world.
Please also enjoy the sound of the occasional resounding rum rumming.

Contents: (Japanese only)
Mr. Aoki runs a bar and a photo studio in Chikura-cho, Minami-Boso City.
From the postwar period to the 1950s, sugarcane was cultivated in Minami-Boso.
A group of farmers who used abandoned farmland to grow sugarcane was formed and the farm was disassembled.
Only sugarcane fields were left, and rum lovers got together through SNS.
The climatic conditions are conducive to growing sugarcane. Sunshine, time, water, soil
A year of sugarcane. It sprouts in the spring and is harvested in the winter. If there is no frost, the crop can overwinter.
One ton of sugarcane from one acre (1000 m2) of land.
Sugarcane goes bad 24 hours after squeezing.
Why lamb in the first place?
The three major lamb-producing regions. Former colonies of England, France and Spain.
Rum is produced where sugar plantations used to be.
Rum from former British colonies is light and flavorful, single distillation pot still.
French rums are agrikor rums, which use the juice as it is. Fresh & Charentes type distiller
What is molasses waste? What is contained in & waste molasses?
Spanish type is sherry cask. I don't know the distiller.

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