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First and foremost, She want the people who eat them to enjoy them. That's what Masako Ochi, the second generation of Daichi Farm in Onjuku Town, is dedicated to growing strawberries.

Having been impressed by how different the taste of different kinds of strawberries can be, she grows many kinds of strawberries, knowing the difficulty of caring for them. When she learned that strawberries, which contain a lot of folic acid, are appreciated by pregnant women, she decided to avoid using insecticides as much as possible for the sake of her baby. She uses paper trays as much as possible for packaging because she is not good at separating plastic waste. Each of these attitudes has nurtured the gentle and natural flavor that is typical of Ochi Farm.

The eight types of strawberries sold at mitosaya are Chihba Berry, Koi Minori, Oi C Berry, Tochiotome, Yayohime, Kaorino, Moi Ikko, and Sachi no Ka. Only the ripe ones picked in the morning will be carefully selected, and we will offer both individual packs and mixed packs of the eight varieties. There are also bargain packs of strawberries that are not harmful to human health, but have small holes due to insect bites, etc. for jam.


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