Introducing Jason Logan


2019年のクサナギシンペイ、2020年のNigel Peake、2021年の西本良太に続いて、2022年の協働するアーティストは、カナダ、トロントに拠点をおくアーティスト、インクメーカーのJason Loganです。

彼は、自分で採取した自然物・人工物から抽出した色をインクにし、そのインクを用いたドローイング作品を発表しています。また、そのインクを製造・販売するToronto Ink Companyの創設者でもあります。




Every year, mitosaya works with an artist to design the label and package.

Following Shinpei Kusanagi in 2019, Nigel Peake in 2020, and Ryota Nishimoto in 2021, the artist we will be working with in 2022 is Jason Logan, an artist and ink maker based in Toronto, Canada.

He makes ink from colors extracted from natural and man-made materials he collects, and presents drawings using the ink. He is also the founder of Toronto Ink Company, which produces and sells the inks.

For example, acorns lying on the sidewalk, rusty construction materials under the highway. Red dirt, yellow soil, gray coarse pebbles. They become unexpected colors, colorful inks, and create new expressions.

In this collaboration with mitosaya, we will ask them to provide us with works that expand the world of mitosaya by linking to the various natural materials they use as raw materials.

Please keep your eyes on mitosaya in 2022 as they continue to create with Jason.