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Wild Rose Hip Collection

Wild Rose Hip Earrings ¥19,800
Wild Rose Hip Necklace ¥14,300
Wild Rose Hip Ring ¥16,500

The Wild Rose Hip Collection is the first product from “minori”, which is a collaboration between mitosaya’s Yuko Yamamoto and the jewelry shop Source.

The people who lived in ancient times knit flowers into crowns, and even shaved the bones of animals they killed to make amulets. They wore something beautiful found somewhere, or something that was felt to have power within it, and those things greatly added flair to their daily lives. We believe that that was the beginning of jewelry.

In her art, she depicts casual every day life such as plants that looks like they are growing in the corners of the garden, or the family she lives with. However, as if a magic spell has been placed on the world she depicts through her eyes, she notices beautiful things nearby that we either overlook or do not try to see. We feel that is a universal creation that has continued since ancient times. We wanted to make jewelry with her because she has that sort of perspective on things, and “minori” is giving form to that sentiment.

There are sure to be new discoveries and bountiful harvests.

Wild Rose Hip Earrings
Material : Sterling Silver
Size : W=14.5, H=37mm | W=14.5, H=28.5mm

Wild Rose Hip Necklace
Material : Sterling Silver
Size : L=450mm
Charm Size : W=14.5, H=32mm

Wild Rose Hip Ring
Material : Sterling Silver
Size : W=2-13mm