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No. 022
Eau de vie
with J. HILL’s Standard HAND DRAWN GLASS

100ml bottle with Glass ¥15,400
500ml bottle with Carafe ¥28,600 LIMITED EDITION

From the “Hand Drawn Glass” series as part of the Nigel Peake collection from the Irish handmade crystal glass workshop J. Hill’s Standard, there is a “ROW” set with a glass for the 100 ml bottle, and a “ROW” set with a carafe for the 500 ml bottle, pertaining to [022 JOSHUHAKU Ume Plum from Aodani Umekobo].

There is a limit of 10 sets each. This will be its first introduction to Japan.

JOSHUHAKU – Ume Plum from Aodani Umekobo
Item: Brandy
Ingredients: Joshuhaku (ume plum), and rice spirits
Alcohol volume: 42%
Amount: 100ml/500ml

ROW (Glass)
Size: diameter: about 70mm height: about 50mm
Material: Crystal

ROW (carafe)
Size: diameter: about 70mm height: about 145mm
Material: Crystal

J. Hill’s Standard
This is a cut crystal manufacturer of both handmade and modernistic products run as a family business in Waterford, Ireland. Via skilled craftsmen cooperating with a resource of international designers, they produce rare and unique handicrafts. So far, they have announced collaboration projects with Martino Gamper, Scholten & Baijings, Daniel Rybakken, and also Nigel Peake. The name J. Hill come from pioneer John Hill who in 1783 was largely influential for the propagation of crystal manufacturing techniques in Ireland.