mitosaya botanical distillery

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No. 007
Eau de vie
From Boso Jujien and Mitosaya

44% / vol

100ml ¥2,420

Nichinan variety of satsuma mandarins harvested at the end of the year from Sobojujien Farm, the only mandarin farm in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. Extending the harvest period right to its maximum, the mandarins are extra sweet and have soft skin. I mashed the skin and the fruity flesh all together. After slowly fermented them during the winter, I distilled them.

At the same time, at mitosaya, many citrus fruits are in season during the winter. Kabusu, and zadaidai, two types of so-called Japanese bitter oranges, kumquat, Chinese citron are all taken accordingly and processed.

The sight of everyone sat peeling the fruit together is akin to when everyone is sat eating around a kotatsu table. We sometimes used the Choi Muki Smart device to help. It was like this that we made an Eau de vie with five kinds of citrus fruits collected in the winter. Please enjoy this quintet of fragrances and bitterness.

Item: Brandy 
Ingredients: Satsuma mandarin, kabusu and zadaidai bitter oranges, kumquat, Chinese citron, rice spirits
Alcohol volume: 44%
Amount: 100ml/500ml

Bottle label drawing: Shinpei Kusanagi