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No. 006
Eau de vie
Artemisia Absinthium

48% vol.

100ml ¥2,200
500ml ¥8,962

Made using wormwood, anise, hyssop, fennel and other herbs, absinthe is a spirit that has been loved by playwrights, poets, painters and many other cultural figures, who refer to it as “the green fairy”. According to “The Cultural History of Absinthe” (2016, Hakusuisha), in late 19th-century Paris, the expression “absinthe fever” was a popular term for people getting inebriated from drinking Absinthe.

The name absinthe is derived from Artemisia Absinthium, the scientific name for the wormwood plant. Wormwood has been known as a “sacred herb” since ancient times, and its popularity goes back as far as the Bible. It was a valued panacea and was popular as a miracle drug that restores the spirits. It is said that at that time wormwood was infused in wine or distilled liquor and drunk for the medicinal benefit of its bitter taste.

We were interested in it not as a spirit for getting drunk or as medicine for curing disease, but as a botanical brandy with the sweet, fragrant aroma of fresh wormwood. At name, they cut wormwood leaves at the end of autumn, process them the same day, and soak them in alcohol for about 3 months before distillation.

It is blended with grappa made from Merlot grape pomace from Grape Republic.

At Mitosaya, we pickle overnight the newly sprouted young spring leaves, with their slight bitterness and sweet aroma, to give them their distinctive aroma and subtle light green color.

based on the saying by Ryutaro Inoue of Naeme that “claiming that dried herbs are more fragrant is just an excuse for those who can’t get them fresh,” JUST WORMWOOD is made using only fresh wormwood.

Item: Brandy
Ingredients: Grappa (Merlot), Wormwood (flowers, leaves), Rice Spirits
Alcohol content: 48%
Amount: 100ml/500ml

Bottle label drawing: Shinpei Kusanagi