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2019.8.17 | EVENT

Sauna Lecture, New Academy
20th Aug 2019

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to a special event on Tuesday 20th August (17:00–) at Kulttuurisauna.
Distiller Hiroshi Eguchi will talk about living and working at the newly established Mitosaya Botanical Distillery. The production facility and family home is located on the grounds of a formerly municipal botanical garden for medicinal herbs in Chiba, Japan. Hiroshi is the founder of book shop UTREHT (2002–), TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR (2010–) and Mitosaya Botanical Distillery (2018–). After the talk, there will be a tasting of Mitosaya’s Eau De Vie.

If you are around and interested in joining us, please RSVP to: —
MITOSAYA Sauna Lecture , New Academy
20th Aug 17-19
Hakaniemenranta 17
00530 Helsinki Finland
+358 (0)40 765 7450