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2019.8.6 | EVENT

Adriatic Bar Japanese brand tasting
6th Aug 2019

We will held Mitosaya’s presentation event at the Adriatic Bar in Hotel Adriatic, a design hotel with a view of the Adriatic Sea at Rovinj, Croatia.⁣
⁣Rovinj is a beautiful port town located on the west coast of the Istria Peninsula in Croatia.⁣

⁣On the event, you can enjoy tasting mitosaya’s Eau de vie’s , as well as the pairing small nibbles prepared by the Bar Adriatic great chef.⁣
⁣At this event, we will releases theree new titles. ⁣

⁣Japanese brand tasting⁣
⁣Adriatic Bar⁣
⁣Tuesday the 6th of August⁣
⁣Time 19 hrs 21 hrs⁣

⁣Adriatic Bar⁣
⁣Hotel Adriatic @maistra_collection
⁣Obala Pina Budicina 52210, 16, Rovinj⁣
⁣052 800 250⁣